Thursday, January 25, 2007

Whats with me?

I found my right job, I love it. Work is great, satisfies me. Love my family and we are having great times together. I had pained times when I lost my brother or when there were tensions in the family. I am supposed to be happy now but frankly I dont feel different from the times I experienced pain.

Is happiness not meant for us or is it that we dont appreciate whats around? Or is pain created for us to keep learning and growing.

I was having a long chat with a friend on the phone and he was discussing about some problems he had in his relationship. I told him I dont have any problems anywhere and still feel pained. He came out with this interesting levels of problems people are dealing with. There are people dealing with basic problems of food, shelter, clothing etc. Then the next level which he considered himself is the problem of dealing with relationships, job problems etc. And he declared that I was at a level where I had it all and still facing a problem and well he couldnt help laugh about it and I couldnt help wonder whats wrong with my life.

Why aint I Happy? What do we need to be happy? A good job, a good family, good friends or more...?

Yesterday a friend told me that she tried calling me when I was walking by but I was engrossed in another world. Which world is true this world or the other world? :-)
Someone remarked a week back "What are you thinking so much?"

What do you I say "I have bared my soul" and lost it. I search for it and now I am a dead person walking around.
Give me my soul, if you can dear friends I will then find my true happiness !!!

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