Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The world isn't cruel, it's indifferent

I was really upset from past few days bcos a person I thought was my friend was behaving cruelly, wouldnt bother to communicate or respond. So I thought let me check what Paul's tips site had to say and I read a beautiful article. Its not about being cruel, its about being indifferent. We just dont form in the scheme of things in every life we meet. I value friendship a lot and it hurt me greatly but then reading this article I realized that people have their own agendas and too busy in that and rarely care for the sensitivities of others.

Check this article:
"Many people feel the world is conspiring against them somehow. It's the classic symptom of suicidal thinking - "Good-bye cruel world" and all that. People believe others are plotting against them, or that mysterious forces beyond their control are manipulating events negatively.

It's a comforting thought to believe there's some kind of plan to it all. It keeps psychics, astrologers, new age gurus and other such "experts" in business. It also helps to maintain the illusion we all like to have that we are somehow at the center of the universe, with everything revolving around us.

I believe the evidence points to the fact that reality is much colder than that. The world is not cruel or kind to us, but overwhelmingly indifferent. Whether we live or die, are happy or sad, are safe or in danger, most of what's out there just couldn't care less. And that includes the vast majority of people and things we interact with.

Of course, there are small islands of caring among this ocean of indifference. Your parents and friends probably worry about you occasionally. The guy you're competing with at work for a promotion probably thinks about you. The cops will investigate if you're murdered, and the officials at city hall will probably do their best to prevent you from slipping on their sidewalks. But these are all just drops in the lake of reality we must live in. Most of the people we meet, most of the objects we interact with, and most of the forces that affect us are completely unconcerned with our wants and needs...."

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