Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kewl Auto Ride ;-)

Yesterday Nidhi was running a high fever and missed going to a Gruhapravesh of a good friend and ex-colleague. Further missed meeting my gang of friends since I have shifted from my earlier job. Took Nidhi to the Doc and got a new set of medicines ;-) and Nidhi her share of chocolate from the Doc.

Today morning she was much better but in the night she puked like 3 morning both of us woke up late. So that got me late to work, missed my shuttle so took this Auto right in front of Mom's home.

This guy's auto has a real kewwlll look. One end has been covered by a glass and gives mini-taxi look. The interriors are great ;-) and he has this great music system. I started to read my book but couldnt, he puts this FM channel with all these romantic hindi songs..and I go all dovey..and keep my book aside.

I didnt realise when I reached work, it usually takes 40 mins ...I really wished it didnt end...:-)

If you think I was sitting in the auto..yeah maybe but when I think about myself I was singing, dancing and flying around ;-)

"Love is in the Air"

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