Monday, February 19, 2007

Mobile painting!

I started this new hobby of mobile painting on my Motorola A780 last year in Aug 2006. Sridhar gifted me this mobile on my b'day and it was love at first sight :-)
Feb 2005, he had gifted me this Motorola A768i, liked it as it was my first introduction to a PDA mobile - the communicator. But I struggled without a keypad, it worked only with a stylus.

What does one do waiting at the doctor's clinic, at boring meetings ;-), airports etc...?
  • I read books, loads of them :-)
  • Watch people, make observations
  • Day dream !!
  • And nowadays a new way to solve the waiting problem :)...painting on my mobile :-)

Check out some of my Mobile Art: It aint as good as a paint brush but I am happy with the results as it aint too easy with a stylus..!! & it keeps my creative juices alive...! I miss painting and sketching I used to do on paper so I make up for that here!!

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Shyma Shetty said...

aww i love coconut tree :)