Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What a relief!!

I often take some packages in the beauty parlor when I see I need some help on my skin, hair or some beauty treatment as I dont have time because of work.

I had taken this hair package and the guy who is working on me, Chandan went for vacation for 2 weeks. He told that in his absence another girl will take it for me but she wasnt there when I went the first week she had gone for some training and she didnt inform, I was furious. And the next week I cancelled the appointment, had some work to finish at office.

Chandan didnt return the next week as someone passed away unexpectedly so I decided to take appointment with that girl who Chandan had suggested. She started bugging me like why didnt u come for 2 weeks, now ur package validity will get over. All Chandan's clients are getting loaded on me and all that. I blasted her and told her to give the fone to someone at the front desk. They told Chandan should be back in 2 days..and well he is back and I finally got my hair massaged and washed. It feels so good today.

I am so happy Chandan is back :-) What I like about him his dedication to his work and he is so professional and kind in his words.
Some of the beauticians feel they r doing a favor on us..huh..!!!

May feel like a little thing for u guys..:-)...but I feel so relieved today :-)

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