Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sorry for cheating!

Last year we started on this project for the old age home. We showed so many dreams and made so many promises. We achieved a few but then were totally out of sight.

Siddhartha came home on the weekend and felt that we cheated the people at the old age home. All the team members felt guilty about backing away from our responsiblities.

We are planning to get back into action and this time we will win your trust for good. We are trying!!!

Check my landmark blog for more on this:
Blog: Landmarkians


jaijee said...

Yes I saw you post on ChannelW....a lot of people still come and reply to that post saying they want to contribute. This time I left a message there saying that you dont have access to this bulletin anymore.

Satyadarshini said...

Hey do we know each other??? :)
I am really curious now!!!
Thanks for posting a message on channelw...I wish all those interested volunteers could contact me, really need their help.

I had a doubt reading your post on your lunch hours, felt so Wipro like ;)