Monday, September 10, 2007

A break from the virtual world...

I am currently enjoying the disconnection from the virtual world. It aint a total cut off but the usage is moderate now.

There were some months of this year where I was so much part of this online world that most of my time, heart and life was spent on the internet.

The flip side is that I have got back to blogging strongly now. I dont want to leave writing on the blog. It helps me throw the crap in my head/heart out to the world. :)

I was sharing with my friend, we already live in this world called 'Maya', dont want to create lot of these smaller 'mayas' ;-)

Any change is good fun for people who miss me on orkut, hold on...I will be back .....:)

[There is so much about me in this post...hmmm....its my blog guys ;-)]


Gazal said...

Am just 4 mnths old in the virtual world,
but feel somewhat stressed already!!!!
can't pinpoint what is it that stresses me....

blogging no doubt is therapeutic !!

Satyadarshini said...

I can relate to it...:) nothing beats meeting real ppl in the real world...;-)
So glad I have met you :)