Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Popeye and Spinach

Today after Nidhi finished her lunch and I was having mine I showed her spinach on my plate. Told her that this is what the Popeye character eats. My intention was more for information and not to entice her into eating. To my surprise though she began eating from my plate. I asked her if she liked it I will get her another bowl. She enjoyed lots of the cooked spinach to my amazement. She would often exclaim how strong she is getting and would show off her non-existent biceps :)

Learning for me: Cartoons make such a great impression on children and all my lecture and tricks dont help ;-)

I surfed the internet on Popeye and spinach and chose this link for you, check it out:

Eat Your Spinach


Gazal said...

I tried all such tricks on anshul....but he just decided with the passage of time that his tongue gave him better advice than his mom and popeye....
enjoy the age of innocence !!!

leosevents said...

good strategy....super MOM

Satyadarshini said...

I thot it was good strategy...;)

wud agree with Gazal..bcos Nidhi was inspired that one time :)
Now I need to think of some new tricks ...children help make us smarter and more patient...hmmm...I was never like this before ;-)