Monday, December 04, 2006

Nothing is permanent

Refer to my earlier post"", there is a mention on similar lines on the uncertainities of life, I have something more from my fav site "Paul's Tips"

Check this exctract:

"Deep inside us all is a deep need to feel certainty about the world and our place in it. We like to think there are some things we can really rely on. Without certainty, life seems desperate and frightening.

In fact, it’s often when what we thought was true turns out to be wrong that we become most angry and depressed.

A man who finds his wife has been unfaithful, when previously he believed he had a wonderful marriage, finds the betrayal unbearable. Not only because he's lost something precious, but also because things were not as they seemed. A businessperson who thought they were indispensable to the company can be furious when they find themselves made redundant. A professor whose pet theory is shown false by new discoveries can feel as if she is threatened from all sides.

Having our certainties shattered can be a devastating blow.

But what really is certain in this life? The honest answer is – absolutely nothing."

For the entire article, check this link:

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