Monday, December 25, 2006

Remembering Mr. Prabhu

Refer my earlier post "First Visit to the Old Age Home"

Post this visit we had formed a team of 5: Deepak, Sridhar (husband), Siddharth, Saumar & I. We had a first party at the old age home and all of us enjoyed. Siddharth took some pics too (I havent seen it as yet). Later we took some of the people at the old age home to the ISCKON temple. So there seemed to be some progress in our activities.

I got busy in a new job, travels (personal/official), moving to new office. Others in the group also got busy. Deepak and Siddharth also got a new job. Saumar was busy with his GMAT studies and well Sridhar also was traveling to US, Delhi and London for different work assignments. Our visits the old Age home stopped all together.

When I got back from Sydney I wanted to drop by at the Old Age Home. Last Sunday I took Nidhi along and dropped by their office. From a distance I kept looking at the window near which Mr Prabhu (Manager) sat and saw the empty chair. Thought it was a Sunday so he wouldnt be around as he is on leave on Sundays. I spoke to a person who is the Trustee. I told him about my reasons why I couldnt come. He told it was fine. I asked him about Mr Prabhu. I told maybe he hasnt come as its a Sunday. He told he wont be coming any more. I thought probably he left his job and then he told me that Mr Prabhu died 3 months back due to an heart attack. It was a real shock to me. Well I dont remember the Trustee's name as he didnt interact with me much earlier and wasnt too welcoming during our earlier visits. But he suddenly was softer and nice to me. He told that its all fate. I agreed saying its going to happen to all of us. Then I told him if it was ok if I could meet the people at the old age home. He told that they would be sleeping now post lunch and it wouldnt be wise to disturb then. I told what about the future he told me there is a new manager who has come and I can meet him and work out the details.

I will truly miss Mr. Prabhu and remember him for all the interactions we had. Now I need to get back to action and serve the people in the Ashram. Its better late than never!

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