Monday, December 25, 2006

Purpose of Life

Sometimes I wonder why we humans were created. There is Birth & Death and it keeps suprising or shocking us as new even though this is the natural way. There is so much happiness during birth, we are so awed by the creation. We forget that we ourselves are an outcome of the creation process :-)
And Death always shocks us, like it never happened before.

When I see my life and people around me, I sometimes feel the purpose of life is to just forget ourselves, our identity and live our lives for a bigger purpose beyond us. God provides us with situations every day, every moment so that we can achieve this but we cant see it, we have our small victories to achieve.

Happy situations excite us and sad situations depress us. Is it wrong to be human and react so? Certainly not but an awareness of our behaviour helps us closer to our purpose!! :-)

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