Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reading during Travel...:)

Traveling to the US, was sleepy as started my travel early morning. Spent most of time watching movies and sleeping. Watched some real good ones...:)
Then when was a little awake read Paulo Coelho's "By the River Piedra sat down and wept". Read half of it and as always he just awakens the dead spirit in one.

And as I read the books of the spiritually awakened or listen to the discourses or attend a course of a divine Guru, I keep realizing how the messsage is the same, the packaging may vary. What I understand is that the Truth is the same.

Now at the hotel and listening to the discourse ' A Dimension Beyond the Physical' by 'Sadhguru' of 'Isha Foundation'

Planning to complete Paulo's book, and then do my Yoga in the evening.

Wow, life feels lucky to be from a place like India...where one can gain access to life, spirtuality, love in such a intense way.

Last trip to Sydney I was sick by body, mind and was in such a emotional turmoil. And not that I couldnt meditate or do yoga but just that the divine had greater plans for me. Life is a learning and I am grateful for everything. "The Good and the Bad". Sometimes I wonder how I can call anything "Bad", there is only goodness around, atleast feel like that at this moment :)

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