Monday, May 21, 2007

Paulo Coelho's "By the River Piedra I sat down and wept"

The side effects after reading a Paulo Coelho book: "I am in a trance". Its entering a new realm of spirituality. It occurs every time I read his book. In his books, he displays various shades of life and the growth of inner self. In this book "By the River Piedra I sat down and wept" he shows the path of freedom is not necessarily the path thats been traversed by others. The most trodden path looks easy and less risky but the path thats new and adventurous is the one we dont see, we are ignorant of. Its the road that relieves us from bondages of our fears. We can pave a new road that connects us to our soul. And we are the best judges for that....

The book takes us along a love story of a woman who meets her childhood love to find he has become a spiritual master who can do miracles. She takes the path she always feared and surrenders to love. After this joyous discovery she fears losing him to his spiritual cause as she loves him so much. She loses him to his mission and cries by the river Piedra full of memories of the recent past...!

Some excerpts from his book:

"You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen"

"Pitiful is the person who is afraid of taking the risks. Perhaps this person will never be disappointed or disillusioned; perhaps she won't suffer the way people do when they have dreams to follow..."

"There are many ways to commit suicide. Those who try to kill the body violate God's law. Those who try to kill the soul also violate God's law, even though their crime is less visible to others"

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