Thursday, May 24, 2007

What an attitude?

Many of us remark "Look at her she has got attitude" or "He has got one helluva attitude". I believe they arent to be hated or detested. They are just insecure people with lot of attitude (hee hee...). Jokes apart wanted to make a point here, people put an attitude as protection from fears and insecurities which come from their past experiences. So next time u can shoot a prayer "God Bless that guy/gal with the attitude" ;-)

Getting on an ego trip..which I usually do...;-)...I dont think I have any attitude...ask my friends ...some of them are such pompous people, they may not respond to you. ;-)

Hey I gonna stop writing this post...I am insane today....!!!

Haaa my friend remarked "U r always on such a high. If it aint drugs...what could it be?"........dunno just having this heart beating is enuf I guess....;-)


N said...

i love bangalore :D

thanks a ton for your comment. means a lot to me.

Amys said...

Liked it "Heart beating isn't enuf.." Every moment is precious :)

jaijee said...

May god keep you intoxicated on life as you are..:-)