Thursday, May 03, 2007


Life is moments
And I realize I lost
so many of them
as I was never living them

When happiness came
lamented over the past
or worried abt the future
and lost the moment

Today I see life as
a gift from god
as I grace it every moment
and thank him for all his love


Anonymous said...

really life is soooo small so wat i feel is to enjoy the every the life n love all the way the want u ll urself feel the warmth in u n the blessing of manhood n god. In short u ll be happy to live this beautiful life.. God Bless...

Shy Machete said...

Hmm...Easier said than done.

Elango said...

Most people knew that "leaving in the current moment" is the best way to live life. But very FEW know how to live in the current moment. Looks like you are one of those FEW, who know how live in the current moment. Continue celebrating life :)

Being aware of my breath helps me to be in the current moment. When I am in the current moment, everything that needs to happen happens. Is this want people say "Surrender to God and he will take care of your life"?

In tamil, we have a wonderful word for God. That word is "Kadavul". "Kada" means "dig" and "vul" means "inside". So God is nothing but "process of digging our inside". Superb right :)