Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I pray for Tears to cool my pain :)

If life is pain sometimes, thank God for it! :). Thank the beauty of life!

Tears blocked somewhere in my being and the heart weighs a rock. If friends forget and move on, if love changes its course and I am stranded to fend for myself....for a new life?

This emptiness, this loneliness, and this loss it will not kill me. It will consume me in its vastness. I surrender to love and as much as I do to this pain within.

What I thought existed? It never did... I choose the path of pain. I know the destination, I know this road...I paved it :)

Maybe these verses will explain better :)

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Roodade Gham E Ulfat

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Gham Is Qadar Badhe

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Tang Aa Chuke Hain

1 comment:

Self Exile said...

ik harf na nikla honton se aur aank mein aansoo aa bhi gaye