Sunday, May 27, 2007


The whiteness of the moon
the purity of her soul
As she leans on a tree
She can feel the bark
on her bare back

She Looks up to see the moon
and the tree bend downwards
to be closer to them
all nature is in one
with the lovers

Its a rebirth Its love
And its him
glowing in the moonlight
near her warm bosom
calling the name of God

Fills her with life
Makes her a Goddess
She is reborn
for love to give
and receive

He is her breath
and nurtures their child
The Heavens sent him
To create paradise for her

1 comment:

samir said...

satyadarshinis this poem deeply goes into heart of everyone. It is a mirror of a woman whos feeling about love and life
thanks satya. wish u all the best with this gazal

aankh pyaasii hai koii manzar de
is jaziire ko bhii samandar de

apanaa cheharaa talaash karanaa hai
gar nahiin aainaa to patthar de

band kaliyon ko chaahiye shabanam
in chiraagon mein roshanii bhar de

pattharon ke saron se karz utaar
is sadii ko koii payambar de

kahkahon mein guzar rahii hai hayaat
ab kisii din udaas bhii kar de

phir na kahanaa ke KhudKhushii hai gunaah
aaj fursat hai faisalaa kar de